The Media Made Me Hate Black People

Catchy title? More like a self-realization. Read below before you judge…

I got trial version of Amazon Prime. 

Okay, I got it to waive the shipping cost of my headphones and other things for the next few weeks. (I plan on getting some stuff from Amazon. Might as well)

I decided… since I’m on a free trail, why not enjoy a few movie? So, I was looking for the Marvel movies. Of all the Marvel movies I wanted to watch, only two got in… Capt. America and Thor. Okay, fine. 

But then I decided I need to watch a good movie. What’s a good movie? Anything that looks good for the price. I mean, it’s Amazon Prime, I wasn’t expecting major blockbusters! But I need a mixture of blockbusters and “Decent B-Movies” so I can have more inspiration.

As I’m going through the catalog, I noticed a pattern. For about every 10 movies featuring a White person, there’s one movie featuring Black people or other PoCs.  There’s about 20 movies a page and I went through close to 125 pages. 

Then, I ran into this movie, and thought… “Wow. First Black movie I ran into that’s good.”

Then my world stopped! My thoughts were…

"I was looking…

… through a list… and realized that there are Black people in movies!”

And then, I went back and review a few pages… and look through more.

I realized something…


It didn’t occurred to me until page 130-something that I accepted that a good movie must have a White person in the main role! All the Black movies I ran into until that one was unoriginal, uninspired stories that I heard before. 

We don’t have interesting stories where the Plot device isn’t a Cookout, Basketball, or Dancing? 

Black sexuality attracted me because it was DIFFERENT! 

I’m looking for MORE stories, more original stories that we’re in and then I ran into Ghost Dog and Foxy Brown. Now keep in mind, I was looking for stories outside the normal “African-American Niche”…

… and I’m thinking to myself…

… I don’t have a lot of stories about people like me. No Black geek stories about struggles with freelancing, no Black doctor stories… no Black documentary about discovering things… I am so WHITE washed that I never noticed. 

*sighs* Is it just me? 

Did the Media Programmed me to hate me? Or am I taking this way out there? 

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