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My question is..when are you gonna bring back the fun to tumblr man?!! :D LOL Just kidding just kidding. On the real: With your interest in technology, and wanting to spread word to others through the use of technology, have you thought of creating an app for users? An app to get more people connected and engaged with news or with what you're thinking about?

My desire to do this is still present on my mind, via the site.

However, my desire to blog isn’t as high as it used to be. Not because I’m bored with it, but more like… I’m stuck. While I was attempting to redesign ThoughtRemixer, my mind was stuck on something… I’m not sure what it was at the time, but my desire just burned out. ThoughtRemixer lay dormant for a while. HipHopJourney (the music site) then came after. It started to become a “what’s the point?” thing by the time I lay off of it for too long.

A few weeks ago, however, the problem I was “stuck on” came up again. It turned out that the problem was what I like to call “the little hata”. Hata always seem to get on my nerves with his bullish look at life, especially now that I reach an age where society looks at me like “you’re no longer young”, even thought I got mad years left. 

It’s a matter of me shaking off this hata. The only way to do that is to relaunch the site in a timely matter and get back to blogging.

As far as the “app”, I do have the ability to make ThoughtRemixer into an App. (An HTML 5 App, but hey, it counts.) I just need to finish adding one more element that will make the site more “stickable”… like how the TheBoondocksFan and Life-Remixed used to be. It’s called “gamification”, awarding points for commenting, login in daily, sharing stuff and earning stripes, getting (real) prizes as appreciation.

We’ll see. I just want to put something up that feels like a progression, not a recession. 

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